5.11 Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves 5.11 Tactical Hard time GloveWhen it comes to high quality gloves, the name 5.11 has become synonymous with durability and performance. Since the company was established, their motto has been to develop “gear for the most demanding missions”, which is why their products are preferred by the US military and special operations forces. Today the 5.11 tactical gloves are renowned for their versatility, flexibility and durability, thanks to the design by former US Navy Seal Jeff Gonzalez. These gloves– it should be pointed out– are specially made to withstand the rugged environments Navy Seals often find themselves in.

There are different types of 5.11 gloves available, and they use only the latest technology so they can offer flexibility and protection without compromise. Their gloves have a synthetic palm for extra grip and loop and hook closures for easy fitting. Their gloves also use Kevlar and hard leather to withstand punctures and tears, something you don’t see in other gloves. Not only do these gloves protect your hands from cuts and the cold, but their special design makes them breathable without affecting dexterity, and they’re also waterproof and sweat proof as well.

The company’s reputation for manufacturing the best tactical gloves also stems from their versatility, with many of their products offering four-way stretch and elastic wrist closure so fitting is very easy. As you might expect from a high quality pair of gloves, these have knuckle protection and reinforced design for the fingers and palm that strengthen your grip while still being elastic. Another feature that sets these gloves apart from the rest is the quality of the leather which reinforces its strength without compromising the dexterity you need.

“I use them for law enforcement and they are superb! their first job was a bar fight and they work amazingly! very good grip. very recommended product for law enforcement and driving.”

The Top 5.11 Tactical Gloves

ImageAmazon LinkConstructionFlame ProtectionHard KnucklePrice
5.11 Station Grip Glove5.11 Station Grip GloveFour-Way Stretch Back PanelPadded Knuckles$$
5.11 Tac A2 Gloves5.11 Tac A2 Gloves Breathable stretch nylon back panelSynthetic leather suede palm$$
5.11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves Durable Goatskin leather palm, finger facings and fourchettes, finger joint reinforcements, wrist closure and pull tabArticulated TPR-covered two-piece hard knuckle protection$$$
5.11 Tactical Scene One Gloves Padded synthetic leather palm, finger facings, and fourchettesDuraclad reinforcement on palm, thumb saddle and fingers$$

5.11 Station Grip Glove (Black) – All Purpose Gloves

These tactical shooting gloves are designed to help you perform a host of tasks, and this is evident from the design. They’re a very good fit and the four way stretch allows the gloves to move along with your hands, not against it. The reinforce palm and finger design provide extra protection but it doesn’t seem to affect the gloves’ dexterity or flexibility. The benefit of these reinforcements will be evident when you do some rough hand work, because your hands will be fully protected yet still remain flexible.

These Station Grip gloves have generous amounts of padding, and if that’s what you are looking for, this is exactly what you need. Padding is quite common in military gloves but they suffer from a lack of dexterity. It should also be pointed out that the thickness doesn’t affect your function since it’s very easy to shoot firearms with these, and if your work requires high performance utility gloves, give these a try.

5.11 Tactical Scene One Glove Gloves – Durable and Comfortable

These combat gloves sport tough leather palm for extra grip, and the Velcro makes them easy to secure around your wrist. Style wise these Tactical Scene gloves look great, but these are serious working gloves that can be used in rugged terrain. If you’re working in hot environments, these will be perfect since there’s plenty of ventilation for your hands here. Not only is the Tactical Scene designed for heavy duty use but they are extremely durable. Even when used in rugged environments regularly, they won’t suffer any wear and tear.

In fact, these gloves are durable enough to be used for hill climbing, and they do a great job of protecting your hands and fingers in the process.  These are in short, excellent working gloves, comfortable, easy to secure around your wrists and sturdy. Additionally, the 5.11 tactical gloves aren’t winter gloves but they’re thick enough to keep your warm during cold days.