Mechanix Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Tactical GloveSince gaining prominence in the 1991 Daytona 500, Mechanix tactical gloves have been associated with pit crews working on race cars, and while that’s still true, these gloves can do much more than that just protect your hands while working under the hood. Today the company produces a wide range of high performance, heavy duty gloves not just for racing but also for outdoor enthusiasts, military and safety personnel. Mechanix gained a reputation for excellence at the Daytona 500, and this extends to their other gloves as well.

Mechanix’ s reputation for high quality gloves didn’t just come from their work in the Daytona 500, but also because they use special technologies and design innovation, and that makes them in demand by NASCAR pit crews, construction workers, mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and emergency personnel among others. Each pair of gloves that they produce is meticulously crafted, and all features like feel, quality, durability, value and function are taken into account. Again these gloves are known for working on your car but they’re also great for anyone looking for high quality gloves.

These gloves are made from high quality fabrics and materials like polyester, poly fabric, polyurethane and simulated leather among others, giving you the best tactical gloves possible. Other features like spandex, knitted fabric and neoprene are used in the palm to provide a comfortable yet secure grip. The company actually offers a lot of different gloves for a variety of gloves each with their own special features depending on their composition and design. Some are designed so you get full ventilation while others are for more tactical uses or providing protection from impact hits.

The best gloves ever I think. They offer extreme knuckle protection and feel great. Good for construction and other things that can be dangerous at times.

Mechanix MPT-71-010 M-Pact Tactical Glove Camo – for Superior Grip and Protection

These tactical shooting gloves provide your hands with full protection, and the Impact Guard gives your index finger the freedom to move, while the TPR molding does a great job in shielding your skin from abrasions and impact, but it doesn’t affect the way your fingers move as the gloves are very flexible. These gloves also have extra protection for your knuckles, and the TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) shields both your fingers and hands from sudden impacts and hits.

Another nice feature of these gloves is its Trek Dry stretch fabric on the back of the glove, giving your hands the ventilation they need. As far as fit goes, these military gloves are among the best out there, and the loop closure and hook secure the gloves very well. Also, the rubberized grip on the index finger and thumb provides very good grip.

Mechanix Wear MP2-55-010 M-Pact II Glove Covert – for Heavy Duty Work

These combat gloves have synthetic leather palm that are built for long term use either in your home garage or in a car shop. They’re very comfortable, and the fit is very good. The Lycra inserts are between the fingers so there’s plenty of ventilation and you don’t have to worry about sweating or feeling cramped. Even if you just bought these gloves they don’t have the tight feel common with new ones, and the dexterity is among the best around thanks to the interior stitching.

The EVA foam padding on the palm is another nice feature as it protects your hands from abrasion and injury. These gloves are designed for professional use, and that’s easy to see as they’re made from the highest quality materials. Like other Mechanix gloves these have knuckle protection, and the palm areas have special padding so it can withstand continuous use. Taking everything into consideration, Mechanix tactical gloves will be the perfect fit for DIY enthusiasts.