Oakley Tactical Gloves

Oakley Tactical GloveSince Oakley was founded in 1975 the company has become an industry leader in the manufacture of footwear, apparel, goggles, frames, lenses and of course gloves. Their products are aimed at professional and amateur athletes who demand the highest quality apparel and accessories their lifestyle demands. By combining fashion with state of the art technology you get the best performance possible, and this is certainly true with the Oakley tactical gloves. Such is the quality of their gloves that it got the attention of the US military and commissioned the company to develop special gloves for their use.

The fact that the US military trusts Oakley gives you an indication of the kind of gloves they manufacture. Using state of the art technology, their gloves manage to provide maximum protection for your fingers without compromising flexibility and dexterity, crucial not just for pulling the trigger but also for mountain climbing or hiking and other tasks. In addition, their gloves have knuckle protection and are encased in leather so they protect your hands while preventing any drip hazards.

Another reason why Oakley is known for manufacturing some of the best tactical gloves is their Pittards Digital Goatskin that improves your grip without compromising quality and comfort. Their gloves moreover, have specially designed wrist closures so you can put them on easily and securely. Because of the high demand for their products, Oakley now manufactures a variety of gloves including lightweight, for tactical operations, driving, general all purpose and more. While these gloves have different features they’re all breathable so even if the gloves are secure, it won’t feel like your fingers are being choked or immovable.

“These gloves fit well, give good trigger (or anything else) feel/dexterity, and provide excellent protection for your hands.”

Oakley Factory Pilot Glove Coyote Size Large – For Heavy Duty Needs

In terms of popularity these are right up there with their tactical shooting gloves, and their Pittards full grain leather palm provide comfort and flexibility, and there’s none of that heavy or tight feeling that you get from wearing a new pair of gloves. Like other Oakley gloves these have Airprene joint panels and Velcro closure for convenient fitting. While they’re very comfortable make no mistake about it, they’re durable enough for military use and good enough for the US Marines. The interior cushions are perfect, and the knuckles are more than adequate.

There are other less expensive gloves out there but if you are looking for heavy duty military gloves these are the ones for you. These Pilot Gloves by the way, are not just for military use but also ideal if you’re looking for shooting gloves or you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Oakley Factory Pilot Glove – For Mountain Climbing and More

Oakley is known for their many high quality combat gloves and this particular model is no exception. With its Pittards full-grain leather palm and nonrestrictive Airprene cuff, the gloves provide just the right amount of flexibility you need without being too tight or loose. When you put the gloves on you can feel how comfortable your hands feel, thanks to its breathable mesh zones that’s hard to find elsewhere. Other features such as Unobtainium improve your grip and there’s 3K carbon fiber knuckle plating as well. As far as quality and craftsmanship goes these Oakley tactical gloves are first rate, and the micro venting do a great job in keeping your hands cool. The simplest way to think of the gloves’ effect is that it feels like your hands are protected by armor, but it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s like wearing lightweight but durable armor for your fingers. Best of all, these gloves won’t affect your ability to grasp dials, push buttons, or turn dials like others do.