Who Needs a Good Pair of Tactical Gloves?

Why do we wear a pair of tactical gloves? Well, if you have worn one, then you already know the answer. Tactical gears like gloves, boots and protective pads are for those people whose profession requires them to cope up with tough situations. These professions can range from combat to construction. Whatever be the case, the key reason for wearing tactical gloves is protection and superior handling of tools.

There are different variants in tactical gloves; two of the most searched are explained below:

Fire Resistant Tactical Gloves

There are hundreds of brands providing fire resistant tactical gloves and they vary highly in terms of quality and price. But all of them claim to outperform others. Here you need a head start as to what makes a good fire resistant glove

When fire protection is concerned Nomex is the star. This material is widely used by manufactures of tactical gear for making fire resistant gear. The material also gives protection against chemical and radiation. Tactical gloves made of Nomex material are widely used by race car drivers and military personnel because of this very reason. They are mostly recommended for military pilots.

If you can imagine how difficult it would be to control an aircraft or race car when there is an outbreak of fire in the cockpit, that’s how important fire resistant tactical gloves are.

Nomex is actually the trademark name for a Meta aramid material patented by DuPont in the 60s. It was adopted in making tactical gears because of their excellent flame resistant properties.

Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather

Just as the fire is a problem, extreme cold can lead to severe injury to your hands. That is why one genre of tactical gloves is especially made for cold weather. Mechanix offer some of the best cold weather tactical gloves. Their cold resistant heavy weight fleece shell models provides extra protection against high cold winds and other extremities.

The reinforced finger tips comfortable fit makes this brand one of the best tactical gloves when it comes to cold weather protection. Other manufactures like Blackhawk and hatch also provide cold weather resistant gloves that give tough competition to the mechanix

Major Manufactures of Tactical Gloves

Major Players In The Tactical Glove Market Are:

  • Mechanix: Mechanix is one of the top tactical gear manufactures in the world. They started in 1991 and have been a top brand for military, paintball, construction, and law enforcement agencies for their supply of tactical gears.
  • Blackhawk: Blackhawk Kevlar tactical gloves offer superior grip on whatever tool you are using. The tough material offer cut resistance and durability along with more flexibility.
  • 5.11: 5.11 tactical gloves are engineered for military purpose. Ever since their inception into the market, they have been making gloves that are highly durable at the same time highly flexible. Using technologies like synthetic palm and higher finger protection 5.11 offer tactical gloves that are made for the tough.

Though tactical gloves are widespread and have been used by personnel other than military personnel, their value in hazardous works has been acknowledged by people. This has contributed tremendously to the growth of this sector

Tactical Gloves: An Overview

HKTG 100 Hard Knuckle Tactical GlovesWhen you hear about tactical gloves the first thing that would come to your mind would be people in uniform, either military or law enforcement. Well, this is not the case anymore. Many people around the world have recognized the value and protection of a good pair of tactical gloves that would protect their hands and give them superior grip and accuracy. People like mountain bike riders, paintball or airsoft players and construction workers know why they should own tactical gloves. Their field of engagement requires them to expose their hands to extreme environments. If not well protected, these situations can turn very ugly for them.

What Sets Tactical Gloves Apart?

There are many qualities that differentiate a pair of tactical gloves from ordinary gloves; some of them are:

• Protection: These gloves are made of tough materials to provide maximum protection.

• Dexterity: Flexible at the same time thicker covering.

• Elements: Many tactical gloves are specially made to be fire resistant and many are to protect from cold.

• Long lasting: Tactical gloves are cut resistant and resilient in that they last longer.

• Higher grip and accuracy: Provides higher grip on whatever tool you are using. Mud, slime or anything that normal gloves would kneel at, doesn’t affect tactical gloves.

Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

Some tactical gloves provide protection to the knuckle by including special covering made of impact resistant ABS plastic. Some of the costlier models have these coverings made of carbon fiber and other advanced materials. Though many manufactures advertise this quality as ‘fight gloves’, the hard knuckle feature is not new in tactical gloves. However, you indeed can land some very hard punches with them on!

Half Finger and Full Gloves

Motorcyclists and paintball players claim that half finger tactical gloves provide a higher degree of wearing comfort and dexterity than full coverage models. Some people would even cut their full gloves to make it half finger tactical gloves. In fact, this claim is outdated as more flexible and advanced materials are now used to make full cover tactical gloves. They will provide as much flexibility and maneuverability as any half finger ones, plus extra protection to the fingers. If you find that your half finger tactical gloves doesn’t fit properly, just return them to your dealer and get one that fits well. Make sure, however, that you purchase your glove from a trusted store or online dealer.


Stitching in tactical gloves cannot be overlooked. There are internally stitched gloves as well as externally stitched gloves. The question which is the better depends on the personal preferences of the buyer. The externally stitched gloves offer smoother insides and a rough outside.

Who Needs Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves are widely used by people who engage in risky professions. Construction, extreme racing and plays like paintball, firefighting, law enforcement are some of the areas where the use of tactical gloves is needed most. Pricing of these gloves vary according to the materials and needs of the buyer. Tactical gloves made for those with extreme requirements use consummate materials that provide protection and comfort. Leather, plastic and other advanced materials like Nomex are adapted to construct a good pair of tactical gloves.

Oakley Tactical Gloves

Oakley Tactical GlovesOne of the foremost manufacturers of tactical gloves is the Oakley company of Foothill Ranch, California.In 1975 Oakley looked at a product and saw a way to make an improvement. The result was a motocross handgrip with a unique orbicular design. From there, the company moved on to manufacturing Oakley tactical gloves and now also produces eyewear, footwear and bags and backpacks for the US government with whom it has been in partnership since the 1980’s.

Some products are manufactured exclusively for the military and police, The Oakley SI Assault Glove is one such.

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Features of Oakley Tactical Gloves

The SI Assault glove is actually made in Vietnam and sells to military and law enforcement purchasers for $40.00. The gloves fit very well, but at first the knuckle protector feels very stiff. However, after a few minutes of wear the foam molds itself to the knuckles and becomes unobtrusive. The contact surfaces of the palm and fingers are made of textured Pittards leather which is thin enough for good tactile feedback.

However, the pads of the middle and index fingers are of thicker suede and have rubberized grip dots on them. While this may have a benefit from the durability point of view, it does detract from the feel for weapons work.

One police officer reported on his experience with Oakley tactical gloves after several months use and stated that they were wearing very well. He had removed the rubberized grip dots from the trigger finger simply by scraping them off with a pocket knife. He found that in very hot weather, they were not uncomfortable and by leaving the velcro strap loosely closed they were simple to put on and take off. However, because of the knuckle pad, searching very tight pockets sometimes meant it was difficult to get to the bottom. The tactile feedback was fine for locating a rock of crack. He had found the Oakley tactical gloves to be excellent protection on disturbance calls and fight runs and awarded them 4.7 stars out of 5.

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Mechanix Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Tactical GlovesThere are many well established companies that offer tactical gloves but none more reputable than Mechanix gloves. Originally used by pit crews, Mechanix gloves quickly became a favorite for mechanics. Mechanics prefer gloves that allow them to feel their tools while protecting their hands. This is essentially the same qualities looked for by those who handle firearms.

The Mechanix Tactical line is a fairly new addition. Mechanix Tactical gloves can be seen in military, law enforcement and other emergency services. This is due to an extremely effective and comfortable glove that can be purchased at an excellent price point. Mechanix gloves were being used for tactical purposes long before the company had a tactical line.

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Mechanix Tactical Gloves Technology

Mechanix has introduced a new technology that has recently completed over a year of testing. This technology, called ArmorCore, is supposed to provide the best combination or puncture, cut and abrasion resistance. A pair of Mechanix Tactical gloves is also easy on the pocket and far less expensive than other tactical glove manufacturers. Mechanix has a solid reputation and is known for quality glove design, durability and functionality.

This tactical line of gloves hosts many of the same features as the ones that cost over $100. They protect your hand against cuts and abrasions, wick moisture, absorb impact and look awesome. The ability to feel what your hand is touching is one of the most important features of a tactical glove. Mechanix has provided that since the beginning. Providing comfort that makes the glove feel like skin on your hand is another excellent feature of Mechanix Tactical gloves. Models range from everyday gloves that provide basic protection all the way up to hard knuckle tactical gloves that are ready for anything.

There may be tactical gloves out there that have a sleeker look or claim to provide more, but it is hard to match the reputation and quality of Mechanix. These gloves have been reliable since the beginning. The addition of a tactical line makes them that much better. Excellent features and affordability is what one can expect from a pair of Mechanix Tactical gloves.

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Line of Fire Tactical Gloves

Line of Fire Tactical GlovesThe line of fire tactical gloves tactical gloves are manufactured from goatskin leather for extreme conditions of performance. They use pittards digital print sheepskin leather for high quality unbeatable grip and have a very high durability.

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Features of Line of Fire Tactical Gloves

Line of fire tactical gloves have unique features such as TEGS grip system which gives a perfect grip in both wet and dry weather conditions. They are flexible and stay resistant on the knuckle and fingers to keep them protected and safe from danger. These gloves also come with a pre curved design that will help giving instant comfort. The construction is extremely durable and can be trusted because the material used is 100% NOMEX which is fire resistant. Line of fire has literally changed the meaning of gloves; the standard they have set is unbeatable and unforgettable.

Additionally, the company has created a revolutionary grip system which has two parts they both when combined are unbeatable. The grip strength is very stable, and it can hold about 280% greater than leather gloves. These gloves cannot be affected by water, oil, dust, sand, grease or any other fluids that you can think of.

Line of fire gloves also come with Sensa Touch technology that can work well enough with IPads, iPhone’s, touch screens in vehicles and any other thing that requires touching and picking. This sums up in giving no discomfort or distortion.

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